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Learn to Fly 3

2014-02-26 19:58:33 by Lightbringer777

We've just launched our first kickstarter campaign for our next game, Learn to Fly 3!

Come check it out at


Learn to Fly 2!

2011-06-27 13:43:32 by Lightbringer777

Learn to Fly 2 is finally out on Newgrounds! It also has all the Kongregate exclusive content unlocked just for you guys! :P

Learn to Fly 2!

Learn 2 Fly is coming!

2011-04-19 10:07:44 by Lightbringer777

Some people have been asking when the a sequel was going to be released for my game Learn to Fly, so I thought I'd let you know that it is about finished and looking for sponsorship right now! I should be releasing it soon if all goes well!

Meanwhile, I've released a trailer on youtube for all those who bandly wanted to see how it turned out, check it out: O_sc

Website coming

2009-06-02 14:10:06 by Lightbringer777

Due to the high demand on "how to make games", and especially "how to make Learn to Fly", I decided to put up a website on an old URL I had. It is still in its beginning and lacks content a bit, but you can go and have a look !

Light_bringer777 Games

The URL is from an old website and will change when contract expires.

You can get news on my projects, see game progress, tutorials and more !