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Website coming

2009-06-02 14:10:06 by Lightbringer777

Due to the high demand on "how to make games", and especially "how to make Learn to Fly", I decided to put up a website on an old URL I had. It is still in its beginning and lacks content a bit, but you can go and have a look !

Light_bringer777 Games

The URL is from an old website and will change when contract expires.

You can get news on my projects, see game progress, tutorials and more !


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2009-06-04 16:22:50

I viewed the tutorials currently up on the site, they're pretty good, I like a good explanation of the subject, too many just give people the code these days without explaining a thing.

Also looking forward to Learn to Fly 2!

Lightbringer777 responds:

Hey nice to hear you like the tutorials !

I was wondering if people would say "WTF with all explanations, gimme code !" ;)


2009-06-16 14:13:27

are you by any chance a fan of george r martins works?
learn to fly was decent its the first ramp game i could ever be intrested enough to complete

Lightbringer777 responds:

Nice to hear you like the game. But I have never heard of George R Martins, why are you asking ?


2009-07-30 11:06:02

Thanks so much for not only an awesome game in Learn to Fly, but also taking the time to explain it. I was disappointed when I saw you weren't going to continue the tutorials! Ah! So close to understanding it... Ah well, you have to do what your priorities are. I tried to send something via the contact section of your site, but I don't know if it went through or not. If you know any other places to learn the last bit of a "launch" style game, please let me know!
Thanks again,


2010-08-08 10:40:36

I can't beat the learn to fly challenge where you need to travel 4000 feet. With all upgrades.